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BIOINNO Conference - 25 September 2015

Perhaps more today than even before, teaching students and early career researchers entrepreneurial skills is a necessary part to prepare them for their future. Today, however, the importance of entrepreneurship education is even more critical as our local, regional, and global marketplaces face economic challenges and transitions.

BIOINNO Entrepreneurship education is about creating and nurturing a learning environment that promotes entrepreneurial traits and behaviors, such as creative thinking, opportunity recognition, risk taking, strategic planning, problem-solving, and all types of communication and negotiation that are key to building new ventures. It is based on a revolutionary New Learning and Teaching ModelTM designed to inspire and engage students and researchers in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide.

The BIOINNO project invites all professionals in the entrepreneurship community, entrepreneurs, and students studying biotechnology, bio-economy, medicine, bioengineering, chemical engineering, agricultural and environmental sciences, business or other related disciplines as well as Technology Transfer and business development managers to join us as we explore the ways in which we can creatively interweave our varied and valuable interests into our bio-entrepreneurship careers. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss a myriad of fascinating topics with each other and with an array of engaging speakers. This conference is also an opportunity for attendees to network with students and professionals with a variety of entrepreneurship backgrounds and experiences. Come join us as we chart new paths to bio-entrepreneurship…and beyond!

Guest speaker : Thomas Crispeels - VUB!

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Language: English
Organization: Space Network