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COSMOPOLIS Lunch Seminar - 08.01.2013

We like to invite you to the following Cosmopolis Lunch Seminar on January 8  from 12:30 till 14:00

Bral and Brussels ?
In early 2013, the staff and board started an evaluation of the past 4 years of the Bral operation following a multi-year plan 2009-2013. Subsequently, a process was started with members and supporters to set new priorities for the next four years. 

These new priorities should help to realize the city BRAL dreams of.

The process is a profound reflection of the members and supporters of Bral on the Brussels urban development, the interaction between Bral and Brussels and how this can bring Brussels closer to the sustainable city BRAL dreams of. To achieve this vision, we must continually question our actions, evaluate and improve them. In this manner, the process will lead to a process of renewal and actions. In addition, the process would also be a compelling and learning process.  It is an opportunity for staff, directors, members and wider constituency to explore new issues in dialogue to explore with others. And it is an opportunity for members , administrators, and interested staff to put together an actionplan and to work together  at the future of Bral .

A focus group with Cosmopolis ?
Bral would like feedback on its analysis and ( provisional ) choice of targets . And they want to do this with you. It is very relevant and enriching to external academics, each reflecting on the Brussels urban development and the place that occupies Bral herein. Are there certain tendencies that BRAL overlooked ? Are there good practices from abroad which can inspire BRAL ? How do you see the actions of Bral and does renewal seem pertinent or not ? This is of course also an opportunity to strengthen the ties which - who knows - can grow a collaboration .

When: Wednesday, January 8 , 12:30 > 14:00

Where : Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Campus Etterbeek
Pleinlaan 2-1050 Brussels
Your library of the Department of Geography ( 6F331 )

No registrations required . You can bring your lunch .

Language: Dutch
Organization: COSMOPOLIS City, Culture & Society