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Flanders'FOOD : Fiber unraveled - 13.12.12

About fibers, we usually get told that we should eat more of it.

But why? What is right and what is so good about it? And what if we eat too little fiber?

What is especially important for product developers: how can we contribute to the foodindustry to make people eat more fiber ? Which fibers may be used and what impact will that have on the product? And how this can and should be communicated to the consumer?

The answer of course depends on the product and the situation. In the seminar "Fiber unraveled", the various aspects of dietary fiber are explained: from the definitions and chemical structure, on the health, consumer claims and their impact on product quality and possibilities for analysis. Based on both a theoretical part and on the other hand useful information about the different types of dietary fiber, Flanders'FOOD will try to answer your questions.

In addition to the presentations,  the manual "FoodFiber unraveled" will be available at the seminar. For the participants of the seminar, this document is included in the price.

For registation and more info, check here.

Language: Dutch
Organization: Flanders'FOOD
Price: 250 EUR