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HEKATE Final Conference - 22 September 2015 - Brussels - Belgium

HEKATE (Higher Education and Enterprises: Knowledge Alliances for the Training of Entrepreneurs) is a project within the framework of the European Commission supporting University–Business Cooperation initiative. The main aim of the initiative is to form so called “Knowledge Alliances” to encourage structured, result-driven cooperation ventures between universities and companies in the field of higher education.

To this end the partners – TuTech Innovation, University of Manchester, Hamburg University of Technology, EIRMA (European Industrial Research Management Association), Solvay and TechBridgeOne – have worked together to develop novel entrepreneurship trainings. Close collaboration of university and industry was at the heart of the HEKATE project.

As a partner of HEKATE project, EIRMA has been working to see how industry, e.g. EIRMA members, could actively be part of this movement and more generally how to best encourage a new generation of innovation managers with the aim of improving Europe’s effectiveness in turning research into value creating opportunity.

Four pilot workshops have been given since the autumn 2014 in Manchester and Hamburg. PhD students, early-career researchers and early-stage industry professionals have had the chance to evaluate these. A Round Table in September 2014 collected ideas how to stimulate further industry-business knowledge alliances beyond the duration of HEKATE.

As the culmination of the project, we would like to present our experiences and provide a forum for discussion about some of the issues raised. To this end we would like to invite you to participate in a conference under the heading “Building bridges to future innovation managers” to be held in Brussels, House of Norway, 22nd September 2015.

Through a series of keynote presentations and interactive discussions, the conference aims:

  • To exchange good practice about novel concepts of entrepreneurship training in HEIs • To promote University Business cooperation in entrepreneurship education • To provide opportunities for exchange between business, academia and young professionals
  • Representatives of academia, business, the European Commission, policy makers, early career researchers and young professionals, all of whom have an interest in sharing their views on these topics are invited to participate.

The Conference will be concluded by a panel discussion. Panelists represent experienced and young representatives from business and academia. We attach the conference programme for your information. If you want to participate, please register online via or send a fax (see attachment).

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Please register before 15th September 2015.

Language: English
Organization: European Commission