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Information session Mobile applications (apps) - 22 May 2015

Do you prefer a native application, a web application or a combination of both?  For which operating system do you need to create a version of your app? How can you guarantee a good user experience for the user of your app? 

Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel (EhB) offers state of the art expertise concerning mobile apps and their applications. In a very practical way this expertise is made available to interested SMEs and provides primary advice for organizations that want to build an app.

Thanks to the increasing use of smartphones, tablets and mobile Internet, users seek information on the go: through both "native" mobile "application software (app)" and via mobile web applications or a combination of both. Apps are excellent marketing and customer service tools and make it possible to offer a very different content.

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Language: Dutch
Organization: VOKA
Price: 70 EUR