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Information sessions IWT Innovation & Baekeland Mandates and Strategic Research Grants - June 25, 2014

The VUB R&D department organizes an information session on grants financed by the IWT (both doctoral and predoctoral grants).

The information session will take place on Wednesday, 25th of June 2014 @ Campus Etterbeek, Building E, room E0.07. Participation is free, but subscription is mandatory for the different sessions!


10u Reception

Innovation mandates: These mandates provide support to postdoctoral researchers who wish to delpoy active efforts to a company or a new spin-off company to established. Speaker: Coordinator Els Tourwé.
11u Coffee break (change of target group)

Baekeland grants: This system finances researchers who prepare a PhD thesis in a Flemish university and in close connection with the business world. One of the fundamental ideas of the Baekeland is that a Flemish company should be involved in the strategic orientation of the project and that should cofinance the project. On the other hand the Flemish university should accompany the researcher to his/her PhD thesis and the attribution of a PhD degree in accordance with the valid quality norms.

Speaker: Coordinator Els Tourwé.

12u00 Sandwich lunch

Strategic Research grants: The application for these grants is open to ALL master’s degrees if the proposed project concerns research that can give economical value to the industry/society on mid/long term. Special attention will be given to the applicability of the project.

Speaker: Grant coordinator Michèle Oleo.

The call for Strategic Research grants will be opened around the end of June.

An English powerpoint will be used, but the explanation will be in Dutch. Questions can be asked in Dutch or in English.

Language: Dutch/English
Organization: R&D/IWT