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Innovatiebeurs – 13 October @ C-Mine Genk

‘Get off your island! ‘ is this year’s slogan of the Innovatiebeurs, a match making event between industry and Flemish research centres. As strategic partners of Flanders Make, VUB B-PHOT, BRUBOTICS and MOBI present innovations on the theme island ‘Make industry and logistics’.

B-PHOT, active in Photonics Research, Innovation and Education, and member of Flanders Make will showcase during the ‘Innovatiebeurs’ the impact of Photonics on the innovation of advanced manufacturing . The visitors of the booth will have the opportunity to grasp the overwhelming variety of industrial innovation challenges that can be tackled by photonics, thanks to the support of the European project ACTPHAST. As a strong promotor of STEM, B-PHOT will also showcase its impact on the world of PHABLABS 4.0.
BRUBOTICS, the Brussels Human Robotic Research Center, is a joint initiative of 8 VUB research groups. Through a collaboration between engineering, life sciences, human sciences and computer sciences BruBotics aims to help shape a future where human robotics improves the quality of life of people. From collaborative robots to assistive exoskeletons, from social robots and even bionic prostheses and much much more, the possibilities are truly endless. Several of these exciting robotic applications will be shown at the booth.

MOBI, the Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre, is leader in defining the state-of-the-art in Electromobility and Socio-Economic Evaluations for sustainable mobility and logistics.

Visit this innovation happening with a guided tour of the 5 theme islands:

  • Construction, environment, energy, chemistry
  • Care, agro, food, liefetech
  • Creative technologies
  • Business
  • Make industry and logistics

The program also offers workshops, keynote presentations,…

Make sure to visit all the Flemish universities present at the Innovatiebeurs. As member of TTO Flanders, platform of the 5 universities’ Tech Transfer Offices, we provide a map at the VUB booth with the locations of all university booths.

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