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Leuven.Inc Visionary seminar 'The economics of scaling - from 200mm to 300mm to 450mm wafer sizes '

Next-generation mass consumer electronics, such as smart phones, tablets, ultrabooks, game consoles, … require systems-on-chip with ever more compute power and memory. These devices will continue to push further scaling of chip technology to smaller device sizes beyond 14nm. Extremely powerful compute and memory chips combined with heterogeneous integration of micro-electromechanical systems and sensors will guarantee the tremendous consumer requirements: connectivity everywhere and anytime, high quality and rich real-life experience. Also the application boundaries of semiconductors are expanding at a rapid pace. In recent years, the pharmaceutical and medical industry has discovered the potential of nanoelectronics.

Merging biotechnology and advanced semiconductor technologies drives the future of medicine. It enables a preventive, predictive, personalized and participative healthcare system, aiming at solving the huge challenges of modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiac, …  and at bringing affordable healthcare to everyone. Moreover, it’s clear that Moore’s law and More than Moore will enable the implementation of a smart energy grid leading to a low carbon, efficient and clean energy system.

This evolution towards a sustainable society strongly depends on the availability of state-of-the-art semiconductor technology platforms for compute and memory chips (More Moore) and for systems-on-chip combining chips with other functionality such as sensors (More than Moore). Leading chip manufacturers are driving the transition from 300mm to 450mm wafer sizes to answer the huge market pressure for more powerful compute and memory chips at lower cost. 300mm capacity will be geared in the next 10 years towards markets currently addressed by 200mm such as heterogeneous integration processes of sensors on chips or semiconductor processes for power devices targeting the automotive and energy market.

To maintain Europe’s leadership in healthcare, in automotive, in energy, in communication systems we need leadership on innovation enabled by state-of-the-art technology platforms in More Moore and More than Moore. We need a balanced approach supporting both innovation in More Moore and More than Moore. Such a balanced approach will make Europe a powerful engine of innovation.

This seminar ends with the business case of our VUB spin-off company  ‘Eqcologic’.
Speaker : Peter Helfet, CEO Eqcologic

Date: Tuesday 26 February, 2013
Location: imec, auditorium, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven (Heverlee)

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135 euro (excl. VAT): members of Leuven.Inc - 175 euro (excl. VAT): all others

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Language: English
Organization: Leuven.Inc
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