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Money and knowledge for the innovative SME - 07 October 2014.

You have thé innovative idea, but how do you earn money with it now? Learn it in half a day!

Is there a future in your idea? 

Check your idea with the current trends. Learn from keynote speaker Thimon de Jong at the SME Knowledge Fair! He outlines the future based on three essential socio-cultural trends that help you to shape your innovation strategy.

Do you have the right expertise to develop your idea?

No? Challenge our Flemish experts ! You will probably even find several parties that can help to shape your innovation. Register quickly via the website of the SME Knowledge Fair.

How do you finance your project?

If it is a good innovative idea then your project may be eligible for IWT grants. Innovation Advisors Kurt Peys and Hans Haagdorens explain this in great detail during an information session on the SME Knowledge Fair. Did you know that you have a success rate of 80% at IWT, there was an increase in subsidies in 2013 by 27% and that an average grant support of €120.000 is awarded.  Did you know that even with PMV and Enterprise Agency (Agentschap Ondernemen) financing can be obtained?

Do you know the 12 rules of innovation ?
After all, an Innovation project is supposed to be managed like an average business project. With these 12 rules, the internationally renowned Prof. Koenraad Debackere gives his vision for the future on innovation management.

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Language: Dutch
Organization: Innovatiecentrum Vlaams-Brabant