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Night of Knowledge on Brussels - 21 November 2014 - Kaaitheater

On November 21, the Brussels Studies Institute (BSI) is organizing for the third time the "Night of the Knowledge on Brussels", a dynamic networking event, that brings together academics, experts and anyone interested in Brussels at the Kaaitheater. 

Several academics and experts with very different profiles, will share their knowledge and insights in short and snappy presentations (14 minutes each). To ensure alternation, short debates and artistic intervention will take place. In addition, a Meet & Greet with the speakers and a book corner in the lobby of the Kaaitheater will take place. The overarching theme for the 2014 edition is "sustainable city"

Are invited : 

  • Tom Bauler (ULB) on economics and ecology, 
  • Philippe Claeys (VUB) on dry feet in Brussels 
  • Céline Brandeleer (USL-B) and Thomas Ermans (USL-B) on sustainable public transport, 
  • Pierre Vanderstraeten (UCL) on the urban ecosystem, Jan De Brabanter (BECI) and Dirk Holemans (Oikos) on Brussels as eco-capital,
  • Nico Koedam (VUB) on urban biodiversity, 
  • Laurence Mettewie (U.Namur) on linguistic landscapes, 
  • Olivier De Schutter (UCL) on alternative power systems, 
  • Emilie Gobbo (UCL) on the recycling of construction waste, 
  • Frédéric Dobruszkes (ULB) on air traffic, 
  • Egbert Lox (Umicore) on waste as a resource, 
  • Dirk Barrez ( & NewB) on sustainable banking and others. 

It starts with the award-winning documentary "Zinneke 'by Rémi Allier and ends with "the last words " of Buildingmaster Olivier Bastin. 

All discussions are moderated by Béatrice Delvaux (Le Soir), Friedl 'Lesage (VRT) and Philippe Van Parijs (UCL). 

With 767 participants, the 2013 edition was a resounding success and the great hall of the Kaaitheater was completely filled. 

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Language: Dutch, English, French
Organization: BSI
Price: 5 EUR