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Open Consortium Meeting Polymer Cycles - 27.02.2014

As of March 2014, Flanders' Plastic Vision and FISCH will be integrated. The details of this new partnership and its impact on the organization will be explained at the Open Consortium Meeting.

Furthermore, the FISCH Polymer cycles Roadmap will be presented. This roadmap was developed over the past year, in collaboration with over 45 organizations in the chemical and plastics industry.

Finally, this meeting will be an exceptional interaction between the plastics industry and government. Dialogue directly with policymakers about the legal obstacles and opportunities for plastic recycling.

Program :

  • 15h00 : reception
  • 15h30 : welcome + Presentation new organization FISCH FPV
  • FISCH Polymer cycles Roadmap + Interaction between industry and policy makers regarding legislation on plastic recycling
  • 17h30 : Networkdrink
Language: Dutch
Organization: FISCH