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Open Window Theme Session - Through a sophisticated material innovation for eco-efficient products and processes - 18/04/2013

There are significant environmental and economic benefits from the way products are designed, produced, distributed, consumed or used and processed again after disposal. Rising material and energy costs make innovative material technologies in which materials and energy are used in a sustainable way, interesting and even necessary.

During this theme session at the Park-Inn Hotel in Leuven, a number of companies give practical evidence that innovating with both environmental and economic gains is no utopia.

In addition, the book "Innovate with materials: economic potential, ecological necessity" of authors Ann Crabbe, Jan Meneve, Thomas Vandenhaute (Sirris) and Karel Van Acker, and published by Lannoo Campus, is introduced for the first time.

All information and the full program is available on the Sirris website.

Language: Dutch
Organization: Sirris
Price: 85 EUR