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Opening new smart-coating-infrastructure and 4th road show - 12 April 2016

So as to be able to assist companies in wet-chemical coating, Sirris invested in an up-to-date spray cabin, in which prototypes and even small series of large pieces can be coated. The spray cabin is equipped with all the devices and products necessary for treating, coating and curing. Sirris also invested in a teach-by demonstration robot, which only requires minimal programming, and is able to mimic what the operator demonstrates to it.

The fourth roadshow of the series 'Live on the coated side of life!' is taking place before the opening, with coating 3D printed pieces and the possibilities of the new teach-by-demonstration robot as themes.


12:30 – Welcome and sandwiches


  • 13:30 - "How to obtain a good quality coating" - Sirris Smart Coating Lab
  • 14:00 - "Automated coating deposition by a teach-by-demonstration -spraying robot" - Geert Huyck (ABB)
  • 14:30 - "The benefits of coating 3D-printed-parts" - Tom Castermans (Tenco DDM)
  • 15:00 - "Why SLIPS coatings repel virtually all fluids and fouling agents" - Philseok Kim (SLIPS Technologies)


  • 15:30 – Reception
  • 16:00 – Welcome and intro to Sirris - Herman Derache (Managing Director, Sirris)
  • 16:05 - "Slippery solutions for sticky problems", Philseok Kim & Scott Healey (SLIPS Technologies)
  • 16:45 – "Coating possibilities in te Smart Coating Application Lab" - Heidi Van den Rul (Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab)
  • 17:00 – Drinks / tour / walking dinner

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