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Opportunity Recognition Workshop - 2-4 July 2014

The Opportunity Recognition Workshop or ORW is a doctoral school program that takes researchers and scientist active in the digital domain, on an entrepreneurial journey to identify commercially viable applications or services. The ORW guides the participants through the innovation processes for creating value from their own research and technology.dd

The ORW cultivates entrepreneurial behavior and prepares Ph.D. students to act and think from a broader business perspective including the ability to be creative and to identify innovative solutions with economic and societal relevance inspired by their own research.

The goal of this doctoral school is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of researchers and scientist whose research impacts the digital economy and shapes the digital society of tomorrow by using and applying innovation techniques and methodologies to their own research project and in their own work environment. This personalized approach is a unique feature of this program.

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Language: English
Organization: Central PhD Office & Doctoral Schools