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Reminder Visionary seminar: 'A new vision on Vision' - 15 October 2015

Electronic eyes and real-time embedded vision are becoming omnipresent. They sit inside your smartphone, in and around houses and office buildings, in your television, in smart personal health devices and in surgical equipment at hospitals, in our ever smarter cars, trucks and trains, in the streets of smart cities, in airports, in the factories of the future, in robots, in agriculture, in drones, in space...

Applications increasingly interpret in real-time what's happening in a scene. More and more intelligence goes into the sensor node, requiring advanced techniques for image recognition and image processing. New capturing schemes reduce drastically the need for cloud computing. But also in the sensor itself, a lot of innovation has created game changers in the way sensors look at, record and analyze the world.

The Flanders & Netherlands region is home to a world-renowned ecosystem in imaging and vision system technologies (image processing vision algorithms), real-time implementation in chips, image sensors and optics, as well as in some of their diverse applications.
This seminar will provide an overview of image sensors and vision algorithms, and where these technologies are heading. These technologies will be linked to a number of visionary applications incl. color X-ray imaging for breast cancer detection, looking through fog and clouds, accurately measuring thickness of sheet materials, food sorting at high speeds, medical imaging of small animals,... and what to expect next (vision-enabled IoT...).
Three applications will be presented in detail: lens-free imaging for microscope-on-chip, 3D sensor for virtual reality and gaming, and traffic monitoring to avoid congestion and save lives.


  • 16h30: Welcome coffee
    17h00: Welcome by Leuven.Inc and Maarten Willems, imec and Chairman of the programme
  • 17h20: Surfing the mobile imager wave- Lou Hermans, COO CMOSIS
  • 17h50: Towards making computers see: we’re making progress- Tinne Tuytelaars, Prof. ESAT KU Leuven
    18h20: Coffee break
  • 18h45: Overview of applications in different domains - Ramses Valvekens, CEO Easics
  • 19h15: Research case imec lens-free camera - Richard Stahl, Senior Researcher Integrated Imagers imec
  • 19h35: 3D Imaging: How SoftKinetic is transforming the computer vision market- Michel Tombroff, CEO SoftKinetic
  • 19h55: Businesscase Flir: Thermal sensors will be everywhere in Intelligent Transportation Systems- Lode Caenepeel, CEO Flir
  • 20h15: Q&A
  • 20h30: Drinks and snacks

The interventions will be held in English.

imec CAF -1A, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee
Parking at the overflow parking (via Gaston Geenslaan, 3001 Heverlee)Participation fee

135 euro (excl. VAT): members of Leuven.Inc / DSP Valley - 175 euro (excl. VAT): all others
Special fee available for Master and PhD students affiliated to and billable by KU Leuven or other universities.

Language: English
Organization: LeuvenInc.
Price: 175 EUR