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Seminar on Energy Storage - Brussels October 10th, 2013


  • Jacques Vandermeiren , Elia
  • Bart Vercoutere , i- Cleantech Flanders
  • Ronnie Belmans , Energyville
  • Hans Vrijhoef , Proton Ventures
  • Geoffroy Hallaux , Fluxys
  • Frank Verschraegen , DEME
  • Koen Vanthournout , VITO
  • Pieter -Jan Mermans , REstore

Is energy staorage already used ? How will this benefit your business ?

Storage of electricity from wind or solar, vehicles on electricity or hydrogen and virtual storage in energy networks, are all promising innovations . To stabilize the the energygrids and offer a new opportunity for entrepreneurs, a growing need for new forms of energy is detected. During the seminar, experts from different fields will discuss the opportunities and threats to energy and how it can add value to a company. Not only innovative technology, but also a sound business case is necessary for this.


  • 17:30 welcome
  • 18:00 : Jacques Vandermeiren , CEO of Elia storage under high voltage - Bart Vercoutere , CEO of i- Cleantech Flanders: energy cleantech
  • 18:15 - 20:00 :
    Introduction to the world of energy :Ronnie Belmans , CEO of Energyville
  • Power- to- Gas :
    Hans Vrijhoef , director of Proton Ventures : storage of "remote" energy in the form of locally produced ammonia
    Geoffroy Hallaux, safety engineer from the company: future role of the natural gas infrastructure in the renewable energies storage
  • Renewable energy and hydroelectric storage : partners in sustainability - Frank Verschraegen, energy storage project manager at DEME
  • Residential storage in local energy networks - Koen Vanthournout , researcher Linear VITO
  • Demand Response : practical applications in the Belgian energy - Pieter -Jan Mermans , co-founder of REstore
  • brief Q & A session
  • 20:00 : cocktail and energy for power
  • 21:30 end

This initiative is organized by i - Cleantech Flanders , Elia and Energyville

For registration: click here

Venture : Headquarters Elia- Keizerslaan 20 , 1000 Brussels

Parking : Underground parking Albertine -Square ( Gerechtsplein 16 )

Price ( ex. VAT ) : 100€ for non-members & 50€ for members

Language: Dutch
Organization: I-Cleantech Vlaanderen
Price: 100 EUR