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Sirris Materials Day - 07.05.2013

Innovate with materials, start with design and proces!

Innovating with materials is more than switching from one material to another. The key to success lies in a well-considered choice and refined combination of materials, design and process. Finding the best solution for a company by yourself is not always as easy as it seems.

Learning from the experience of others, to exchange ideas and the right contacts are essential and that's what Materials Day is all about.

In this edition, the following issues will be discussed during the morning sessions:

  • "Materials for additive manufacturing", including a presentation on gradient materials, where through a variation in the nature and density of materials, different properties over the volume of a piece are distributed. In that way, it may be more adapted to the demands of its surroundings;
  • "Sustainable Materials", where ea Henco testifies about in-house recycling of multilayer pipes, re-use of materials and selling purified materials;
  • "Materials with new / additional functionalities" where ao it is explained and demonstrated how optical fibers help to monitor the behavior of composite structures.

In the afternoon, four inspiring sessions on trends in materials are offered, including a presentation by Patrick Vanden Bossche of Agoria on strategic materials. All information and the full program is available at

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Language: Dutch
Organization: Sirris