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The Whereabouts of high-tech entrepreneurship - 10.12.2012

The whereabouts of high-tech entrepreneurship  : December 10, 2012 (13:30) - Hotel Bloom, Brussels

Flanders wants to reorient towards a knowledge economy and needs vigorous, stimulating and framing initiatives in the transformation to an innovative and knowledge-intensive economy. In terms of creating new (industrial) spin-offs and spin-outs great efforts have already been made and many of them have already proven to have created a major economic impact.

But there is still room for improvement, much potential remains untapped.

Like all European countries, Flanders continues to search for a winning formula for businesses in the tech sector, for researchers to become successful entrepreneurs, to introduce employees to new niches and become entrepreneurs within the company

At the event, the latest IWT study "The role of the entrepreneurial team in the success of technology start-ups"  is officially presented  by Prof. Bart Clarysse. He introduces you to the profile of these entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and companies, causes and evolution of conflicts in entrepreneurial teams and the success factors of successful teams.

Prof. Dr. Tom Elfring focuses on the role of networks for successful entrepreneurship. How does an entrepreneur build a good network and how this network can be maintained? What is a good network? During the workshop that follows, new insights on "How to support start-ups and spin-offs more effective" will be shown and you will get the chance to share your experience on this topic.

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