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Workshop: heat storage in the building - 23 February

In the context of Transformation Building Limburg, i-Cleantech Flanders, the Confederation of Construction Limburg and Innovation Centre Limburg join forces for a Technology in Action on heat storage with Phase Change Materials (PCM) for building applications. Phase Change Materials are materials which can store an amount of heat or cold in a phase transition, and releasing it at a later time.

Are you looking for a technology for storage of low calorific (residual) heat? Do you need a solution for storing temporary heat? Do you have a building or process whereby a guaranteed constant temperature is important?
Check out this unique free workshop on February 23 from 13h till 16h.

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Language: Dutch
Organization: i-Cleantech Vlaanderen, Confederatie Bouw Limburg en het Innovatiecentrum Limburg