Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (SURF)

The Electrochemical and Surface Engineering research group (SURF ) focuses on 5 cross-linked research domains: electrochemical engineering, electrochemical modeling, corrosion technology, surface engineering and insitu and ex-situ surface characterization. As IOF knowledge center, it has a track record in knowledge transfer; its modeling algorithms for electrochemical systems were taken to the market through its spin-off Elsyca; Greencoat - a new concept for depositing protective layers on metals through ecologically less demanding ways - is offered to industry through the new knowledge center 'Capcoat'

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Find out about their spin-off Elsyca.


  • surface engineering
  • electrochemical processing
  • surface characterisation
  • functional surface properties
  • corrosion
  • electrochemical process modeling
  • functional modeling.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (SURF)
Faculty of Engineering

Pleinlaan 2 – B-1050 Brussels – Belgium

[W] https://www.surfgroup.be/
[T] +32 (0)2 629 32 52
[F] +32 (0)2 629 32 00
Head: Annick HUBIN
[E] anhubin@vub.ac.be

Scientific contacts:
Herman Terryn – hterryn@vub.ac.be
Johan Deconinck – jdeconin@vub.ac.be
Iris De Graeve – idgraeve@vub.ac.be