In Vitro Toxicology & Dermato-cosmetology (IVTD)

The In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-cosmetology (IVTD) research group, headed by Prof. Vera Rogiers, is specialized in the field of in vitro experimental toxicology.
In essence, the IVTD team strives to develop functional liver-based in vitro models to enable more accurate prediction of of the hepatotoxic potential of new drug candidates and alike. IVTD constitutes one of the core groups of the Centre for Pharmaceutical Research (CePhaR) of the VUB, which aims at tackling key bottlenecks in the current drug development process. Additionally, the IVTD group endeavors to find new drug targets and cell therapy options for the treatment of acute and chronic liver diseases.

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  • progenitor cells
  • adult stem cells
  • histone deacetylase inhibitors
  • DNA methyltransferase inhibitors
  • functional long-term cultures
  • epigenetic modification
  • hepatocyte cultures

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
In Vitro Toxicology & Dermato-cosmetology (IVTD)
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

Laarbeeklaan 103 – B-1090 Jette – Belgium

[T] +32 (0)2 477 45 16
[F] +32 (0)2 477 45 82
Head: Vera ROGIERS