Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT)

VUB’s Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT) is a keyplayer in the field of immunotherapy and in cancer & infectious disease research. LMCT aims to develop an integrated partnership between innovative immunotherapeutic and immunomodulatory strategies such as optimization of dendritic cell based immunization strategies and modes to engineer the tumor environment. Lessons learned from the cancer-immunotherapy approaches are being translated towards other domains such as HIV and infectious diseases.

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  • immunotherapy
  • translational research
  • malignant melanoma
  • denditric cells
  • cancer
  • HIV treatment

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT)
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy

Laarbeeklaan 103 – B-1090 Brussels – Belgium

[T] +32 (0)2 477 45 69
[F] +32 (0)2 477 45 68