Materials research at the VUB

Fundamental for successful technological innovations

The availability of suitable materials is fundamental to the development of successful technological innovations. Nanotechnology is taking materials science into a new dimension and allows the creation of the next generation of products.

Materials Research programs are driven by important economic sectors, such as materials, production, transportation, civil engineering, the chemical industry, the energy and power industries, medical devices, microelectronics and the sport and leisure industry. Creating new materials requires several research domains, and these innovations occur at the boundary between these disciplines.

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In this brochure, we invite you to discover the research groups involved in Materials Research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. They have contacts with a wide spectrum of industries and research institutes all over the world. 

Their research can be split up into various themes:

  • Understanding of the properties of materials
    (miniaturization, better control of mechanical and functional properties, functional integration, predictability of failure and reliability)
  • Processing technologies of functional materials
    ( two types of applications are considered: microelectronics and photonics)
  • Surface engineering - durability and prediction
    (modification and quantitative characterization of materials’ surfaces - durability in all stages of the lifetime)
  • Characterization of materials
    (the VUB has a unique infrastructure for the characterization of material at nanolevel)

For questions concerning their research or collaboration opportunities, you can directly contact the teams concerned.