To create more awareness within the university on entrepreneurship, start-ups and contract research with the industry, VUB TechTransfer has been organizing seminars for more than 20 years now.

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Below you find a description of the seminars/events we organise.

Starter Seminars
Technology Days

Contract Seminars

(Advanced) Starter Seminars

The fundamentals of business and (technology) entrepreneurship
and business economics more in-depth

VUB TechTransfer wishes to create more entrepreneurship awareness  with researchers and young professionals and organizes Starter and Advanced Starter Seminars. The Starter Seminars provide a short but intensive evening course on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business. In  a series of evening sessions, a variety of topics is covered such as developing a business plan, finance, marketing, the complex issues surrounding patenting,... . Students of this program will acquire the vocabulary and mindset needed to think intelligently about their potential venture and thus interact more efficiently with tech transfer offices, investors and other partners.
New since 2014 are the Advanced Starter Seminars that treat certain aspects more in-depth.

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Contact & organisation

VUB TechTransfer
Mrs. Alena Aga,, tel: +32 (0)2/629 38 47 or 22 07

Technology Days

Too often valuable technologies and ideas, although not always developed for that purpose, are lost for innovative developments. That’s why VUBTechTransfer organises Technology Days for new collaborations to emerge: thematic networking events for academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, policy advisors, innovation managers and venture capitalists. It's a great opportunity to listen and learn about the latest state of the art research in the field and to catch up with the latest developments, ask questions and interact with researchers and business people.

Contract Seminars

We organize seminars on the legal and administrative aspects of contract research. 

Information about other events can be found on the website of the R&D Department.