Finding your way through the jungle

VUB TechTransfer Brochure 'for researchers' and Guide on knowledge, innovation and technology transfer issues

Here you can download the VUB TechTransfer brochure 'for researchers' with a quick overview of all services VUB TechTransfer offers you and other interesting things you need to know about knowledge and tech transfer.

A more in-depth publication about the world of knowledge, innovation and technology transfer is our so-called 'Finding your way through the Jungle' booklet, which covers a vast and dense area of technical, legal and economic discourse, rules, regulations and collaboration formats.
VUB TechTransfer jungle is your rough guide at crucial moments during your research project and handles:
• The knowledge transfer process with timeline of a ‘typical’ research/technology transfer project
• Types of research funding
• Protecting your IP: do’s and don’ts and alternatives
• Guidelines on publishing
• Scientific collaboration and contract research
• Entrepreneurship issues
• Important documents and regulations