Contract Templates

Contract templates with regard to the delivery of services by VUB can be downloaded on this page.

Attention! The template 'general conditions for the delivery of services by the VUB' can only be used if the fee charged by VUB does not exceed 2.500 euro. For larger amounts, VUB TechTransfer's legal counsel will review and approve the contract before any signatures are affixed. Any (modified) templates should be sent to legal-techtransfer@vub.be for legal review well in advance. The signature of the rector is always required for VUB's legal representation.

Services Agreement

Download here.

Click here for the Services Agreement up to 2500 euros.

Non Disclosure Agreement

VUB TechTransfer provides a template for non disclosure agreements.

The signature of the rector is required for VUB's legal representation.

Non Disclosure Agreement VUB/students

VUB TechTransfer provides a template for non disclosure agreements between VUB and students. Students must also sign the Waiver of Rights.

The signature of the rector is required for VUB's legal representation.

Confidentiality Master thesis

One needs to make a distinction between research results obtained by Master students and
results obtained by researchers within the framework of an employment contract or grant.
The IP rights to results obtained by Master students are not the property of the university. The Master student will at all times consult with his promotor on the subject. The following guidelines are important to take into account.

  1. Students who in the course of their Master’s thesis research gain access to confidential information belonging to the university, are obliged to treat this information as confidential. Therefore, a confidentiality agreement needs to be signed, preferably at the start of the research project.
  2. In case a student is involved in a research project in collaboration with third parties and the concluding research results are subject to valorization, the student has to transfer his intellectual property rights to the university in order to enable the university to comply with its technology transfer obligations. Anyhow, for any internal VUB project, the Master student is strongly advised to sign a confidentiality agreement and an agreement comprising a waiver of rights in order to safeguard the university’s “freedom to operate” and IP. A model of such an agreement is available from the VUB TechTransfer Office.
  3. Concerning the defence of a Master’s thesis, it might be necessary to provide a confidential version of the thesis and/or a defence behind closed doors. The thesis student’s promotor is the best placed person to judge this. Both internal and external reviewers involved in evaluating the thesis need to sign a confidentiality statement, which is available from VUB TechTransfer.

In each of these cases it might be necessary - before disclosure of any kind - to inform VUB TechTransfer about possible valorization opportunities that might arise from the Master’s thesis research results in order to take valorization possibilities into careful consideration with the Master student, the promotor and VUB TechTransfer.

Invention disclosure form (IDF)

Deciding upon protection strategies with regard to intellectual property rights is often very difficult and subject to argument. VUB TechTransfer can help you with this and will evaluate your dossier with you and/or a patent attorney. The university obliges its researchers to disclose their inventions to the VUB TechTransfer, using an invention disclosure form, prior to any form of publication (paper, presentation, abstracts, books, workshops and conferences, technical reports, public meetings, website, …) in order for VUB TechTransfer to assess the need for protection. Send an email to Hugo Loosvelt to obtain the form.

Registration form Lab notebook

VUB TechTransfer provides free laboratory notebooks to any interested researcher. Fill in this registration form and send it to Tania Bauwens (+32-2 629 22 07, Tania.Bauwens@vub.ac.be, Management Assistant - VUB TechTransfer, campus Etterbeek, Building M, room 414) or Natasja De Landtsheer (+32-2 629 22 92, Natasja.De.Landtsheer@vub.be, Administrative Assistant).