Leaving the Ivory Tower

The way in which researchers co-operate and interact is shifting. Innovation, sustainable solutions and efficient knowledge exchange demand a pro-active and savvy attitude towards publication, intellectual property protection and entrepreneurship.

As the world of knowledge, innovation and technology transfer covers a vast and dense area of technical, legal and economic discourse, rules, regulations and collaboration formats, you will be needing some guidance on your research itinerary. This website is intended as a rough guide to know-who, know-how and know-where at crucial moments during your research project. It is an invitation to get to know us better and the services we provide, and to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

Are you a researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel or Erasmushogeschool Brussel?

This section for researchers focusses on some key aspects in the valorization process of research results. Valorization can be done through partnerships with industry and/or society, different kinds of research collaborations, licensing, the creation of spin-off companies and consulting services. Browsing through these pages you will discover:

  • The Technology/Knowledge transfer process
  • Everything you need to know about a good preparation of your research project
  • Do's and don'ts about protecting intellectual property
  • Different options to protect your intellectual property
  • Some useful guidelines on how to make the best of your publication
  • An overview of scientific collaboration methods by means of contract research
  • All you need to know about entrepreneurship
  • Useful documents and regulations
  • A list of frequently asked questions