Reporting an invention

Are you a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and do you want to report your invention and evaluate its potential?

The invention disclosure form (available at VUB TechTransfer) enables you to make an in-depth analysis of your invention and research results. It tackles five important questions:

  1. What does your invention do or to which problem does it provide a solution?
  2. What is the commercial value of your invention? Who might be interested?
  3. Are there additional R&D-tasks involved to make the invention more attractive for economic partners?
  4. By which means was the invention realised?
  5. Did you already publish some of your research results (article, presentation, poster, abstract, prize...)?

Once completed (no problem if you can’t answer every question but try to be as detailed as possible), please send this document to Hugo Loosvelt, VUB TechTransfer Officer, who will contact you to further discuss your file.