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Announcement IOF results 2019

On December 12, 2018, VUB’s Industrial Research Council granted 4 Proof-of-Concept (PoC) & 6 Accelerator projects and awarded 5 Groups of Expertise in Applied Research (GEAR).

  • The awarded Groups of Expertise in Applied Research excel in applied research and will receive IOF funding for 5 years to realise their portfolio of applied research and the valorization thereof.
Title IOF GEAR Promotors
Human Centric Digital Innovation P. Ballon
NLite T. Lahoutte, M. Kuijk, S. Hernot, H. Ingelberts
mFlow Cell W. De Malsche, K. Hellemans
RAINboW A. Nowé, J. Loeckx, A. Dooms, K. Barbé, W. Verbeke, T. Guns, V. Ginis
Regenerate T. VandenDriessche, M. Chuah
  • Proof-of-Concept (PoC) projects aim to bring scientific research closer to the market and focus on research in a later transitory stage from proof-of-principle to proof-of-concept. Four projects were granted by the IOF council.
Title IOF Proof of Concept Promotors
Architecture software tool to evaluate the impact of Design for Change. N. De Temmerman, W. Galle, F. Denis, C. Vandervaeren
Use of PDGFRβ as a biomarker of liver fibrosis in blood and urine samples L. van Grunsven, J. Lambrecht
Realizing a chromatography-mass spectrometry expert facility for protein characterization in support of the biopharmaceutical sector S. Eeltink
Development of dual acting drugs targeting biased Mu opioid agonism and neuropeptide FF antagonism for the treatment of acute and chonic pain S. Ballet, C. Martin
  • Finally, Accelerator projects aim to support running GEAR programs with a single injection of funds to realise an substantial acceleration effect in the IOF parameters on top of the already realised multiplicator.
Title IOF Accelerator Promotor
Industrial Valorization of Smart Structural Health and Usage Monitoring Strategies for Key Technologies P. Guillaume, S. Vanlanduit, C. Devriendt, J. Helsen
“Cross-KET Photonics”: B-PHOT’s third industrial innovation and valorisation wave. H. Thienpont
BruBotics Human Robotics Lab D. Lefeber, R. Meeusen, D. Verté, B. Vanderborght, A. Nowe, B. Jansen, A. Jacobs, L. De Donder, E. Kerckhofs, E. Swinnen
Camelidae-derived single-domain antibody fragments for theranosis of cancer. T. Lahoutte, J. Van Ginderachter
MOBI: Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre Valorization of MOBI key assets: breakthroughs in sustainable mobility and logistics C. Macharis, J. Van Mierlo
A generic toolbox for the reliable prediction of lifetime and ageing in electrochemical systems A. Hubin, H. Terryn, I. De Graeve, Y. Van Ingelgem, G. Van Assche, R. Pintelon, N. Omar