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Belgian Francqui Chair 2015-2016: Prof. dr. ir. Herman Terryn

The mystery of the metal: corrosion and protection of metals

The rector of Universiteit Antwerpen, prof. dr. Alain Verschoren and dean of the Faculty of Applied Engineering, prof. dr. Walter Sevenhans, are pleased to invite you to the inaugural lecture and lecture series by professor Herman Terryn, Laureate of the Belgian Francqui Chair 2015-2016.

Professor Herman Terryn is full professor at the Faculty of Engineering of VUB with a chair in Surface Science and Engineering in research group Electrochemical and Surface Engineering of the department MACH ‘Materials and Chemistry’. He is teaching several courses on Material Science for the bachelor students within the Faculty of Applied Engineering at VUB. He is also teaching within Bruface, the Brussels Faculty of Engineering, at Université Libre de Bruxelles and University of Ghent. Herman is part time professor in the group Corrosion and Electrochemical of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tu Delft. Currently he is cluster leader of Durability of Materials within the Dutch top research center M2i-Materials Innovations Institute. His research focuses on surface treatments, coatings and surface analysis of different materials.

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