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Call of the Blue Cluster: 6th spearhead cluster in Flanders

The Blue Cluster should primarily focus on innovative research and development projects that will contribute to sustainable and promising economic activities and investments in the North Sea and beyond. In concrete terms, this translates to a focus on 2 transversal themes and 6 strategic domains:

  • TR1: Ecosystems;
  • TR2: Smart Sea
  • D1: Coastal protection and use of mineral resources
  • D2: Renewable energy and fresh water production
  • D3: Maritime connection
  • D4: Sustainable seafood and marine biotechnology
  • D5: Blue tourism
  • D6: Ocean health and waste solutions

You can find more information on this cluster in the presentation enclosed and on their website:

VUB will be a full member of this cluster. For each of these themes and domains, the cluster will set up several taskforces (members from industry, universities, …) to design, formulate and coordinate the strategic research lines, projects and initiatives. We are now making an overview of the expertise that is available at VUB so we can:

  • transfer this information to the cluster management and have this expertise represented in these taskforces/projects
  • send targeted information on open calls and new initiatives coming out of the cluster

If you are interested, please contact Liesbeth Bosman