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Catalisti Calls for Partners 2018

1. RFP ‘Plastic to Precious Chemicals(P2PC)' 

A conventional processing train for upgrading pyrolysis oil to attractive chemicals consists of different steps such as cracking step, separation steps (eg fractionation), hydrotreatment and others, processing naphtha and a hydrocarbon fraction with a higher carbon number range.

2. RFP ‘Plasma as green Solution for enhanced adhesion or functionalisation(PlasmaSol)'

The goal is to benefit from an atmospheric plasma technology focused on depositing a functional layer in a homogeneous way, both in thickness and quality of the film layer. The functionality of the layer is controlled by the type of precursor used, which can be any type of liquid. Some examples are (meth)acrylates, amines or organo-siloxanes, etc. The biggest advantage of such a technology is that the functional layer is irreversibly bound to the surface that is treated.

3. RFP 'Lightweight rotomoulded parts complying with the flame retardant requirements for Transportation or Building & Construction (ROTO)'

The robotisation of rotational moulding and its direct tool heating & cooling revolutionises the rotational moulding process. It is now also possible to produce multi-layer parts with rotational moulding. This allows to overcome the intrinsic weaknesses of conventional rotational moulding and to take the full benefit of its strengths.

Deadline of these calls: 12 November 2018. Contact Philippe Westbroek if you wish to apply.