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CATALISTI - Request for Partnerships in the field of recycling

CATALISTI launched a Request for Partnerships in the field of recycling. If you are interested in applying, contact Philippe Westbroek at VUB-TechTransfer by mail or phone (+32 (0)476 98 73 96).

RFP ‘Mechanical And ThErmochemical Recycling of mixed plastic waste (MATTER)’ - Call for Universities/Knowledge institutes
Deadline: July 13th, 2017

Please find the RFP here and also at Catalisti.

The main objective of the MATTER project is to develop scientific and market based criteria that can support the development of an optimal plastic waste management scheme, combining different sorting and mechanical /thermochemical recycling technologies. In this project knowledge will be gathered on the influence of contamination and their relation to the optimal combination between the different recycling techniques driven by the different qualities of end products. Furthermore, the project will also include a techno-economic, societal (taking into account market structure and readiness) and ecologic (amongst others using LCA) optimization.

Please contact Karen Van Wesenbeeck (+32(0)472 81 63 97) or your association representative if you have any questions concerning this RFP.