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Collibra, the market leader in Data Governance, raises 20 million euros

Collibra, specialized in Data Governance, announced today to have raised 20 Mio Euros. The fundraising was organized by Index Ventures, with participation from Dawn Capital. The operation should help the company to grow faster in both the US and the European market. The Brussels-based company is a spin-off from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), and has the support of, among others, the university fund BI3 Fund, and Innoviris for its research. The company responds to the market needs, thus confirming its leading role on the international scene.

Collibra, founded in 2008, develops software that meets the needs of businesses in terms of data and information (Data Governance) and helps them to solve problems connected with the internal and external information flows.

Less than a year ago, Collibra was proclaimed Market Leader in its market segment by the consultancy office Forrester, in addition to IBM and Infomatica.

From its office in the Brussels Capital Region, Collibra presents itself as one of the most advanced players in the market, by distinguishing itself with the work platform that it offers, the only one combining global vision and workflow in three of the five key domains in data governance.

From this strong position, especially in the United States where they opened a branch office in 2013, Collibra confirmed her expertise and drew the attention of Index Ventures, which invests 20 million euro. Index Ventures is a venture capital fund that supports the best and most ambitious entrepreneurs. By involving North American professionals in its activities, Collibra is able to consolidate its commercial presence in the US market, while setting out a coherent strategy internationally at the same time.

“In recent years, the complexity of the data increased considerably, and it is for businesses therefore essential to be able to easily retrieve data and to identify quality data from reliable sources in order to use them in their decision making, analysis and mandatory reporting", clarifies Felix Van de Maele, CEO at Collibra. "Collibra offers a solution that allows data managers or Chief Data Officers and every knowledge worker to have full confidence in the data they process and maximize the value from their business information.”

Since its establishment, Collibra manages to steer its development and the growth of its business optimally, helped by a collective intelligence and inspired by a strategic and commercial vision. In the last two years, the company has doubled its turnover every year. With 90 employees working for more than 85 customers - including five of the largest banks in the world and most of the trendsetters in various sectors (such as technology, health, commerce, telecommunications). The company plans over the next year to double its workforce by further recruitment of 80 employees. group, stepped in several times in the expansion of Collibra’s activities, each time within a positive context to support the growth and expansion. "We have fully fulfilled our role in collaboration with BI3 Funds to enable Collibra’s international growth. We are very proud that we were able to co-write this splendid regional success story, much to the appreciation of the professionals in the sector," emphasizes Serge Vilain, Chairman of the Executive Committee of finance.brussel.

Prof. Hugo Thienpont, Vicerector Innovation and Valorization of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, looks at the rapid development of Collibra with great satisfaction. "The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is proud that it generated such a fast growing and innovative company. It shows that the university with its independent research, knowledge and professional support is a fertile breeding ground for new enterprises. In addition, we like to emphasize that Brussels provides a nice stepping board for international expansion.”

“The success of Collibra floats along on the increased volume of data, rising concerns about confidentiality, the complexity of international regulation and the need for companies to access data quickly and for different applications ", explains Jan Hammer, partner at Index Ventures.

According to Norman Fiore of Dawn Capital, the management and provision of data have become essential factors in the Big Data market. "The challenges in the field of storage and analysis of large volumes of data are huge. Everything starts with the selection of correct data sources, but the quality of the data remains essential throughout the entire process due to the need for the customer for data legally compliant on its territory and within its sector.”

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