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Confo Therapeutics develops Megabodies

VUB spin-off Confo Therapeutics now works with larger structures of antibodies (Megabodies) to develop medicines faster. The Megabodies are an invention of professor Jan Steyaert (VUB-VIB). 

At the International Center for Bio Electron Cryogene Microscope (BECM) at the VUB campus, he uses a cryo-EM microscope that clearly maps the atoms of the proteins. With this special microscope, the structures of the proteins can be adjusted, allowing him to make the larger structures.

“This work underlines the potential of Megabodies to overcome a fundamental challenge in single particle cryoEM that small proteins do not produce enough contrast in noisy projection images to precisely determine their orientation. By binding our large and rigid Megabodies to small (drug) targets, we produce larger and more homogeneous particles that vitrify with less preferential orientations.”

- Professor Jan Steyaert

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