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Database for available knowledge of NAMs


RE-Place aims to centralize the available knowledge on alternative methods to animal testing, also known as “New Approach Methodologies (NAMs)”, in a database to make it more accessible to researchers and the public.

In order to collect key information(name and scope of the method, short description,…) on NAMs in a fast and easy way, an online tool has been developed (

As the VUB is the coordinator of this project and an important academic institution in Belgium, it is very important to include all our in house expertise on NAMs in the RE-Place database.This concerns all methods that are used, and thus not only those methods that have been developed within the VUB.


Contributing to the RE-Place database will be beneficial for you, the VUB and your partners:

- Promotion of your work and latest findings;
- Contribution to the knowledge on existing NAMs and good science in general;
- Connection with peers and engagement in new collaborations.

Each contribution is relevant and will:

- Lead to the identification of knowledge gaps which will help to better allocate funding;
- Stimulate the use and further development of new techniques, methods and strategies.


Don’t hesitate to contact Nancy Liodo Missigba ( or Mieke Van Mulders ( in case you have questions and/or for support when completing the online tool.

More information about the project and the definition of NAMs.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!