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Double Pass - Quality Assurance of Talent Development Systems in Sports

Double Pass has made an impressive trajectory since its establishment in 2004, that is the least you can say about this VUB spin-off. The most important football countries in the world like Germany (Bundesliga) and England (Premier League and Football League) appeal to their expertise in (youth) talent development systems and quality assurance. In recent years the Double Pass team became renowned worldwide and was even asked by Japan, US or China.

Double Pass originated from the VUB’s Sports Management Department and is the brainchild of founding members Jo Van Hoecke, Hugo Schoukens and Robbie who form a solid management team. Their strength lies not only in their unique system for effective measurement and quality assurance in sports, but also in their inspiring international team of sports professionals. In 2016 they held their first Double Pass Conference where more than 300 coaches from Belgium and the Netherlands got inspired by football experts Ariël Jacobs, Henk Mariman and Rudy Heylen.

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Or watch the movie on the Double Pass Conference 2016


  • 2004: Founding of the company.
  • 2005: Start Foot PASS Deutschland: 1. and 2. Bundesliga
  • 2005: Quality manual 'how to manage a youth academy'.
  • 2006: 1st audits in grassroots clubs.
  • 2008: 1st certification of Bundesliga clubs.
  • 2008: Authorized audit company for the Flemish government.
  • 2010: Agreement with Flemish Football Federation.
  • 2010: 1st edition of the 'Quality in Sports Happening'.
  • 2011: Start Foot PASS England: Premier League and Football League
  • 2012: ECA Youth Survey: European Club Association
  • 2013: Start Foot PASS Hungary: Hungarian Football Federation
  • 2014: Start Double PASS U.S.A.: United States Soccer Federation and Major League Soccer
  • 2015: Start Double PASS Japan: J.League
  • 2015: Start Double PASS Denmark: Divisionsforeningen and Danish Football Federation
  • 2016: First assignment for the autonomous state of Xinjiang (China)
  • 2016: First Double PASS Conference