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Engineers in a box

'The full power of data is only harnessed when quality and integrity is assured from recording up to interpretation and reporting.'
Yves Van Ingelgem, CEO

Zensor is a start-up from VUB’s Electrochemical and Surface Engineering research group (SURF) in the 2nd half of 2013. The company started its activities based on the corrosion monitoring technology licensed from VUB. Gradually this offering was expanded through demands from the market. Today Zensor offers ‘engineers in a box’ for various markets: roadside service stations, (offshore) wind farms, buried pipelines, (petro)chemical plants, civil infrastructure… Zensor provides the ideal tool for risk reduction and maintenance optimization. Its solutions monitor the infrastructure and automatically generate alarms when things threaten to get out of hand. Daily or monthly reports are produced, indicating which locations require maintenance.

One-stop shop for all your monitoring needs

Interpreting corrosion-related data is a complicated task requiring a lot of additional information. Therefore the initial, corrosion-centered monitoring solutions were gradually expanded to allow a thorough understanding of the situation at hand. This included coupling multiple sensors and external data as well as setting up a reliable monitoring scheme. As a result, today Zensor offers automated, intelligent and integrated monitoring solutions for all application domains listed above. After installation no human intervention is required. These integrated solutions include design, the required sensors and monitoring unit, data transfer and storage coupled with the automated intelligent reporting, alarms and advanced reports based on the data. A one-stop shop for all your monitoring needs. The selection of the industries was based on extensive experience as well as the intrinsic ability to easily scale the solution within each application domain.

The term ‘integrated’ also refers to the tracking and recording of a broad spectrum of parameters in the same location or setup. This results in early detection linked to a more profound understanding of what exactly is going on, without having to go to the premises.

Intelligent monitoring is obtained through algorithms that detect trends in recorded parameter values, linking these to the phenomena they originate from. A lot of emphasis is put on the reliability of our solutions, not only in a mechanical aspect, but also by ensuring specific attention to backup power, storage as well as communication if required. This results in minimizing the amount of blind spots in the data.

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