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EU news - 31 August 2017

  • VUB-TechTransfer's EU-team will soon extent its offering by incorporating a dedicated support on EU-tenders. EU-tendering calls will be followed up weekly and announced to you through the Techtransfer newsletter. If you are interested in a tender, inform the EU TechTransfer team and we provide support in the preparation of the proposal, the administrative part and the submission.
  • The mCBEEs Innovative Training Network is a joint project between academia and industry with a primary goal to train young researchers in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection of micro- and nanodevices. The network focuses on the study of corrosion mechanisms beyond microscale of components in miniaturized systems in different environments using localized techniques, and the development of multifunctional protective coatings to increase the long-term durability of such components. Three main strategic fields where corrosion could seriously compromise the performance of micro- or nanodevices have been identified: biotechnology; electronics and energy technology. One of the PhDs enrolled in the project will be trained at VUB.
  • VUB’s performance in obtaining EU funding is excellent. Since 2015, a growth rate of about one million euro per year is achieved and the target for 2018 is reached. Here you can find the data: