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Hegge ID wins prestigious Ovam Ecodesign Award Pro 2011 with Flanders' DRIVE project

This year’s Henry Van de Velde Award was granted to Hegge ID. This studio for industrial design, had the honor of receiving the Ovam Ecodesign Award Pro. This award honors a product that is the perfect combination of ecology and design. The award went to the design of a concept for a lightweight car door, developed in a research project at Flanders' DRIVE, and a consortium of nine Flemish companies, responsive to the needs of the Flemish vehicle industry for innovation in lightweight solutions for sustainable and cost-efficient products.

The consortium has developed a number of lightweight materials and innovative technologies and applied them in a cardoor in order to visualize and validate them.
Hedge ID opted in the design of the door for a clear design language and a structure in which individual innovations can come to their full advantage. The combination of lightweight materials and innovative design led to 20% weight reduction in the car door, which also includes additional features. The developed materials and technologies are all suitable for mass production and are used not only in the vehicle industry, but can also be used for products in other sectors as part of weight savings and enhanced performance.

View the full Flanders’Drive press release here.