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Innoviris Doctiris Call 2018

The Doctiris program funds doctoral theses that are carried out in collaboration with companies or administrative authorities based in the Brussels-Capital Region. The companies must have at least one operating office in the Brussels region with adequate scientific or technical expertise.

NEW since this year: the collaboration is now possible with the public sector (other than academic actors) in order to develop the public competences in Brussels and the services to the citizens that go with it. May be eligible (after verification with VUB TechTransfer and Innoviris) non-profit organizations, public companies, certain hospitals and museums, etc.

To be eligible at least 5 criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • Be created or approved by the public authorities
  • Be in charge of a public service
  • Not to be part of the judiciary or the legislature
  • Be controlled or determined in its operation by the public authorities
  • Exercise public authority (power to make binding decisions with regard to third parties)

As regards to the partner, the tasks carried out within the framework of the Doctiris project must be relate to tasks that are not already covered by other subsidies. This is to avoid double funding. Note: the partner entity does not receive a subsidy.

If you want to submit a proposal, you first need to contact our VUB TechTransfer team.

  • Draft applications must be send to Wesley Verbeke or Sophie Cammaerts no later than April 23, 2018.
  • Final applications for funding must be submitted (again to Wesley and Sophie) no later than April 30, 2018 at noon.

If you are interested, please contact as early as possible Jacky Boonen.

More details on the regulation and submission here.