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Licensing and/or collaboration opportunities in oncology & immunotherapy

IDACO Consulting has launched a call for early-stage collaboration and/or licensing opportunities in the field of oncology and immunotherapy. There are three different clients in this call and their areas of interest are outlined below.

  • Client A: a company seeking Platform Technology and Immunotherapy opportunities:


a. Oncology, preferably solid tumour
b. Novel platform: No known competition
c. Validated in pre-clinical models (in vivo POC)
d. Biacore confirmation (target-hit binding), if applicable
e. Tested in functionality assay
f. Patent application filed or approved
g. Not cell therapy, vaccine, drug delivery or immunotherapy


a. Solid tumour
b. Novel: No known competition
c. POC in vivo
d. Biacore (if applicable)
e. Not drug delivery, not vaccinations or BiTEs, or CAR-T
f. Patent application filed or approved

  • Client B: a company seeking Solid Tumour Oncology Target opportunities:

    - Indication: Any solid tumour oncology target, excluding haematology tumours.
    - Type of target: Novel oligonucleotide, miRNA, siRNA and immuno-stimulatory compounds.
    - Development Stage: Opportunities with in vitro or in vivo data available, though not a prerequisite if the identified technology can be coupled with the    
      client’s proprietary delivery technology, enabling in vitro studies to be performed.
    - Type of collaboration: Research collaboration and in-licensing opportunities.
    - Excluded Technologies: Intellectual property earlier than 2013 or opportunities at very early stage of development e.g. target identification.
  • Client C: a company seeking Solid Tumour opportunities:

    - Indication: Solid tumour of any organ, with the exception of the central nervous system (glioblastoma multiforme and other central nervous system
    - Type of target: Any target, including kinase, epigenetic and metabolic, though there must be a solid scientific rationale.
    - Type of technology: Small molecule – new chemical entity preferred, although a repurposed drug is acceptable if there is commercial potential.
    - Development Stage: Lead optimization is preferred, although if the target is novel then validated hit compounds will be acceptable.
    - Type of collaboration: Sponsored research for 1 - 3 years, with an option for a global exclusive license at pre-determined conditions.
    - Budget: Maximum USD2 million for sponsored research + upfront payment for option.

For client A and client B, all opportunities received will be passed directly onto the client and if they are of interest, the client will reply directly. For client C, if the client is interested in any of the technologies they receive, IDACO will provide more complete information, which will enable the client to decide on whether they wish to move forward with direct discussions and dialogue, and putting in place CDAs to discuss confidential aspects of specific technologies.

If you wish to apply for this call, contact VUB TechTransfer on 30 November 2018 at the latest and send us a short summary of your technology.