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Looking for innovative solutions for the food industry

Imec's Sensors For Food Project (SFF) has been running for more than 2 years now and is halfway. In a meeting with all members of the user group, an update was given of the possibilities of 3 technologies that were evaluated two years in terms of utility for the food industry : fiber optic biosensors (KU Leuven) , hyperspectral cameras (imec) and millimeter wave sensors (ETRO - VUB) .

The members also held a brainstorming session on other technologies that could be interesting for the food industry e.g. photonics. With optical techniques you can eg determine the origin of all olive oils in a blend. B-PHOT, the photonics innovation center of VUB gave a presentation. The reaction of the companies present was very positive. Many came up with ideas on how this technology could be useful in their specific sectors within the food industry. Enough material to write a follow-up project !

Heidi Ottevaere of B-PHOT summarizes it as follows : "The 'photonics brainstorm session' has clearly shown that photonics can provide and added value in the production process of various companies but certainly also during the quality assurance (detection of foreign objects or defects, fight against fraud, etc) . Personally, I thought the brainstorming session was very instructive and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that so many companies could fit in

"light" into their chain of production. The sensors for food (SFF) project provides the ideal link  between companies from the food industry and knowledge institutions. Through the platform and the various workshops, businesses get to learn about the latest developments, while the universities have a clear view of the needs of the industry. Personally, I can state that each participation in a SFF initiative has always led to a new partnership. Often people still rely on costly and time-consuming laboratory analyzes. Photonics can offer cheaper solutions for measurements of food quality, or on the right time to reap the fruit, to monitor water quality and detect foreign objects in food."

Imec's Sensors For Food Project (SFF) does open a call for a follow-up trajectory. You can still contribute to the preparations of a new project.
Are you interested in the technologies mentioned above and you want to know what they can do for the food industry, and more specifically for your problem ?
Please contact kris.vandevoorde or 016-281535 .