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Monitoring for soil contamination : VUB start-up Zensor obtains first customer - the Dutch Gasunie

The barely a year old Brussels start-up Zensor has a first customer : the Dutch Gasunie. 

Zensor developed a device that enables companies to monitor gas stations, foundations of wind turbines or buried pipelines, to prevent soil contamination. The device is placed in technical areas, the corresponding sensors in tanks, on steel structures or on to the underground corrosion protection.

"It's a new intelligent technology that makes an automatic analysis, sending this info to the Help desk every 24 hours ," says Yves Van Ingelgem , one of the three partners.
"As a result, additional interventions are no longer necessary making it possible to include the information into the maintenance system of the customer. This makes our customers' life easier. Moreover, this risk mitigation offers interesting implications for insurance contributions and financing projects.

Zensor evolved from SURF, a research group at the VUB, experts in corrosion. With Paul Kumpen of the Kumpen construction company, Zensor attracted an external investor. In order to turn this research projects into a company, Zensor tested its technology for free at Belwind Park, an offshore windmill farm (with Colruyt as lead investor) and with assistance from Bryo, the starters network of Voka.