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New VUB spin-off ‘eXia’: making commercial road transport safer, more cost-effective and avoid Blind spot incidents.

The VUB is proud to present its new spin-off eXia (° end 2013), grown within the Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO), in collaboration with iMinds and Sensatech Research UK.

Exia will act as a Belgian fabless supplier of capacitive sensing technology and develop electrostatic safety sensors to prevent accidents between vehicles and vulnerable road users.

Fleet vehicles make up only 3% of all vehicles , but are involved in 14% of fatal collisions, which corresponds to 400 deaths per year in Europe.

The legal obligation to implement the blind spot mirrors since 2003 has surprisingly not led to a significant decrease in the number of accidents.

Both existing active (radar or ultrasound) or passive electronic systems (cameras) have produced disappointing results.

By bringing new technology to the market , eXia hope to reduce significantly the number of Blind spot accidents.