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New VUB spin-off ZENSOR !

Zensor ( is a VUB spin-off established in the 2nd half of 2013 from within the university SURF research group ( Today the company offers ‘Engineers in a box’ for various industrial applications such as offshore wind turbines, roadside service stations, buried pipelines, (petro)chemical plants... Zensor’s solutions send out rich alarms when dangerous situations arise, but also automatically generate daily or monthly reports containing an overview of those components or devices requiring preventive maintenance or exhibiting a sub par performance.

On the technology-side, the Zensor solutions consist of a logical unit that is installed on or in the asset. This unit continuously probes and measures a number of processes and variables using various sensors connected to the unit. The data are transferred to a central data hub from which alarms are generated and reporting is done. For the measurements themselves Zensor relies on specific VUB-knowhow to measure corrosion activity together with an intelligent combination of additional sensor types to be able to determine, from remote, what exactly is going on at the structure.

As such Zensor presents itself as the ultimate industrial Risk reducer, beneficial both for insuring critical infrastructure as well as when looking for risk-averse sources of project financing.