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Startup Agrosavfe aimes at improvement of crop protection based on VUB discovery.

Startup Agrosavfe is a new agri-biotech spin-off from VIB (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology).
For its creation, 5 million euro was raised by the Gimv, Madeli Participations and Biovest, along with Gimv-Agri +, PMV, SOFI, QBIC and VIB itself.

Agrosavfe is located in the Ghent Technology Park and offers in a first phase employment for nine employees. CEO is Marnix Peferoen (ex-CropDesign and former Bayer Crop Science and Plant Genetic Systems).

With the investment of 5 million euro, the startup can already complete the research phase, which is estimated at about three years. This will then be followed by a development phase, which will also take about two to three years. It is estimated that another 6-8 years will be necessary for Agrosavfe to bring the first crop protection products based on the antibodies of llamas and camels on the market.

CEO Peferoen presented Agrosavfe on Kanaal Z.

Check out the broadcast here.