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The aftermath of SuperNova 2018

With a high turnout over the 4 days, we can say that the first edition of SuperNova 2018 was a great success! Professionals as well as youngsters and elderly found their way to the tech fair and discovered VUB’s technologies. Our research groups BruBotics, B-PHOT, AI Lab and ETRO broke down the walls and showcased their latest innovations to the big public.

At the TTO Flanders booth, the Brussels Photonics research group (B-PHOT) put our capital city on the map, with Brussels icon “Manneken Pis” that demonstrated the traveling of light through optical fibres.

Manneke Pis with optical fibres (B-PHOT)

Taylor Frantz from research group ETRO (Electronics & Informatics) gave a demonstration of the HoloLens, that allows surgeons to directly visualize data inside the patient with the help of image stabilization and data visualization. This groundbreaking technology was mentioned by Peter Maynard (Director of Program Management at Microsoft) during his presentation.


The VUB was present with three more research groups at a second booth.
An eyecatcher there was Pepper, the little robot of BruBotics that tested the knowledge of the visitors about VUB and its research. This is a fun example on how humans and robots can interact and collaborate.

SuperNova 2018

On Thursday robotics expert Bram Vanderborght gave a presentation on human-robot interaction, selfhealing robots, prosthesis, exoskeletons and more.

“Humans are creative and robots are precise, we need to combine these advantages.”

Bram Vanderborght

Next to BruBotics, the Brussels Photonics team (B-PHOT) showed how Optical Spectroscopy is applied for food safety - such as screening acrylamide on Belgian fries - up to health sciences with cancer tissue sensing.

Jürgen Van Erps (B-PHOT)

The Artificial Intelligence Lab set up a maze game, to demonstrate reinforcement learning with virtual reality. 

Reinforcement learning by AI Lab

Check out our Twitter for more pictures and stories of SuperNova 2018! You can also read a report by Flanders DC and on the SuperNova website.