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VUB spin-off Softkinetic : Remaining independent for Softkinetic is no longer the right choice

Is the Brussels based Softkinetic soon married off to one of the big names in the technology sector? 

CEO Michel Tombroff has not released many details, but states : "We need to find a partner with whom we can thoroughly integrate. "

This year, Softkinetic stands at a crossroads in his nearly eight years of existence. What was initially a small software start-up, evolved in 2010 to a provider of complete solutions, through the merger with the camera and sensor manufacturer Optrima, a spin-off of the VUB. The start-up was a promising grower, who in recent years made the news with some nice contracts. Softkinetic sold licenses on its technology to players like Texas Instruments, Intel and Sony, which integrated a 3D camera in his game console Playstation 4.

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