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Winning VUB projects of Bridge 2018

The Bridge action supports the creation of collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects in priority fields for the Brussels-Capital Region with valorization potential in the Region. Bridge projects foster collaborations between research teams from different research organizations and representatives from Brussels’ industrial, associative and/or institutional sector. The aim of these interactions is to transfer the project's technologies and knowledge to Brussels industrial, associative and institutional fabric.

For its 2018 edition, the Bridge action focuses on Green Chemistry. There are 4 projects submitted by the VUB that have been selected:

1. COLORES: Color responsive platform technology - VUB professors: Wim De Malsche (µFlow), Guy Van Assche (FYSC) and Heidi Ottevaere (B-PHOT)

2. CCC-MEP: New routes for CO2 capture and conversion using microwaves, electrochemistry and atmospheric plasma - VUB professor: Joeri Denayer (CHIS)

3. Sublimus: Becoming modern green urban alchemists: Gold and silver mining from Brussels urban sewage - VUB professors: Marc Elskens (AMGC) and Philippe Claeys (AMGC)

4. FUSE: Green approaches towards Full Solid-State Batteries for Electric Vehicles - VUB professors: Noshin Omar (MOBI) and Annick Hubin (SURF)